Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The last few days... weeks...months

So I know I'm terrible but now I have pictures so lets just say I was waiting for those. Anyway starting back from suessical, which was AMAZING! I was Horton as many of you know, and it was probably the most fun, and best show I've ever been a part of. These are just a few of the Many pictures taken by the talented Danielle Moss! It was so much fun.

Our lovely Bird Girls :Kelsey Jarvis, Anais Alvarado, and Jenny McCauley, aren't they colorful, and mean, they follow me around in the show, and narrate everything I do, but then they turnaround and make fun of me when everyone else does.

This is Jeff Moss as the Grinch, and Calli Anderson as Max, we only had Max the last night but we thought it was fun.

Thats Adriene Dugger and myself, and Stones Grandchildren as the baby elephant-birds. Originally it was gonig to just be the one I was holding but on saturday they were suddenly passing me two babies! It was really fun and those babies totally stole the show. But it was great.
This is just kind of my favorite picture from the show, I like the stars in back of me, and it was one of my favorite songs to sing. It was just splendid.

Well then I guess the next big thing was Prom, if I'm not mistaken. I was privledged and honored, and quick enough to ask Michelle Cardon, but it was close let me tell you. She looked just like a princess. I mean really she did. It was so much fun, a great last hurrah for my senior year. Twas a blast.

And then there is graduation, I'm not going to show a lot of pictures because it was raining and we were gross and my dad told me to wear shorts and a T-Shirt and just be comfortable, and I did, and it was probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life which I don't want to live on forever............ But anyway here some of the choice photos, from Baccalaureate! I was dressed right and proper then, even if it was hot.

This is my little sister Kari, who is actually older then me. Luckily I get to work with her this summer and thats been a great joy and relief to me, a familiar face and all that. Its been great going to school with her, and I wish her good luck at BYU-I
Zach Carpenter, Arielle Bratton (congrats on getting baptized,) Jocelyn Curtis. These were my student council

Me and Vinnie Chavez, this boy is gonna be famous one day. He's already on the commercials for MPS at the movie theaters. Its been my pleasure to work with him these past three years, I'm gonna miss the guy.

Group shot!

Its still kind of surreal in my mind, I can't quite imagine myself not in high school anymore, butI had a blast while I was there. Now I guess its time to move on. Right now I'm coaching swim team at Stapley Jr High, and earning money for my mission. Its a really great job. In the fall I'm gonig to CGCC, and planning to turn in my paper work in December so I can leave right arounds my birthday. I'm really excited!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So I guess I'm an adult now... legally anyway

Like the title implies, I've turned 18. Now I'm "legal", and not just "legal" in the sense like when your sixteen and you can date, and drive. Well I guess I am legal in part of that sense. I can buy dry ice, and vote, and hold puppies in the mall. Now I'm supposed to start worrying about the future. It sounds so ominous " the FUTURE" Like this day begins the rest of your life. It's rather frightening to me, this idea of the easiest part of my life ending (technically that doesn't end until may 22, thats graduation.) But still I'm really starting to think about my college, and my mission and ...LIFE! I mean I always knew it was coming, but now its coming! I started to get a little nervous and have the "Peter Pan" Syndrome. The colossal desire to "always be a boy and have fun." Luckily I watched the disney version of Peter Pan (the new one)
In the movie at the end Peter gives one line that gives resolution to the entire movie he says
" To live would be an awfully big adventure." And thats the truth. That line had never hit me that hard until a few days ago, so now looking ahead I'm excited for the road and the adventure ahead of me!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Made HORTON!!!!!!!!!

I did it I made Horton the Elephant in Mesa Highs production of Seussical the Musical. I'm really excited, we have an allstar cast lined up. Everyone really needs to come and see it. the show is April 14-18. Everyone needs to come and see the show! Hope to see you there.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Formal, and other lesser frivolities.

SO as my title so accuretly denotes, Winter Formal was last weekend. It was BLAST. I went with the exceedingly, incredibly, awesomely beautiful (I'm pretty sure thats as many adverbs as I need. I'm also pretty sure those are adverbs but I have been wrong before.) Lyndsie Lynkerstorfer I'm sorry I haven't answered you yet its coming I swear.

I must say we make an attractive pair. It was a blast of the ages. I'm so glad that she asked me.

So besides Winter Formal, I have also taken the ACT's. I've never felt so brain strained in my life, but on the upside, there were lots of posters on the walls about Peyote, so now I know what that is, and what it looks like. So that was a plus. haha. Oh yea and before school got out Mrs. Stones passed out the audition packets for Seussical the musical.

I'm really excited for this, its a show that I've wanted to do all my life, so that should be good. Auditions and callbacks are the first three days of school so that should be really interesting. Anyway thats my life, and I can;'t wait for Christmas!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wow Tons Of Fun.

So first I guess I'll start with Homecoming. Well one of my favoritest people in the worl was elected Homecoming queen. Yes It was Rebekah Ellingson. The game was pretty fun. We basically slaughtered Central and it was really fun.

And the Homecoming dance was AMAZING! I got to take the beautiful Calli Anderson. It was so much fun!

She's lots of fun, we're in choir together, and in the same ward, and hopefully we both get to be in the musical together!

K, what happened next oh! The regional swim meet! So last thursday in preparation for the swim meet we had our traditional shaving /pasta party, Where, you guessed it, eat pasta and shave ourselves. I don't know what I was thinking but I got the bright idea that I would shave my armpits. I don't think my stupidity could have reached this low. Its very uncomfortable. But I dropped tons of time the last two days so you know what ever. If I go to state I'm not reshaving them though. Just the rest. Ok I guess that those who know have been waiting for this. Robin Hood


and for the next installation you get to meet my chickens!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

She said Yes

So the other day I decided to ask Calli Anderson to the homecoming dance. I got her a stuffed animal dog, wrote the letters of my name on dog biscuts and wrote a sign that says "I'd be happy as a puppy if you went to Homecoming with me!"

Days went by and though I knew she'd gotten the message I'd still not recieved a sure answer. I even dropped some subtle hints about it at the football game last night such as "Hey, I don't know if I'm going to homecoming because I haven't got an answer yet." And other such discreet comments. Well I must say Calli outdid herself on the answer. I'm still trying to contemplate how she accomplished this great feat.

I had trouble trying to get this picture, you might be able to read it, please notice the remarkable legibility, for if you don't know Zane I must tell you he never stops moving.

Alisa bless her heart is trying to help me as much as she can.

And finally SUCCESS!

I am truly impressed that Calli got that on Zane, and really really excited to go to the dance with her!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Man Night

So as those who have seen/heard, saturday was the night of the all powerful man night! Not so powerful because of certain interruptions of the female variety which resulted in hormonal rages which indirectly rendered Schnepfy injured. Anyway long story ask me later. Anyway the female interruption was that we decided to grace Maddi's birthday by our presence. Yet what better way could we have accomplished this then by arming ourselves with large swords, knives, machetes...etc..etc. I think we even had a bolt action rifle(fake) and a tribal staff(real). Needless to say our little parade was not allowed to pass through the entire threshold that is the Moffats house. Yet Sister Moffat could not pass up the opprotunity of taking a manly picture for us.