Friday, February 1, 2008


So music is now comsuming my life! Its truly amazing. On top of being in two choirs struggling to learn music which will performed at a NATIONAL convention, I decided to go and make the regional choir. I'm just kidding I'm so greatful I was able to make the regional choir, and by some stroke of profound luck I was able to make 5th chair! Its going to be so amazing but it is a daunting task to learn all that music. Also I am preparing to go with the Chamber choir to the Jazz/Mad festival in Flagstaff next weekend. Sometimes we have problems keeping time in our songs so Mr. A uses......... THE ALL POWERFUL METRONOME! Which is where we endearingly use the term "Metronome.......D" (Meant to be said in a Strongbad voice.) It's so much fun. Today we got to practice with 2/3 of our rthymn section. Justin our drummer was away but we await his return on Tuesday. All this Jazz makes me really excited. Maybe, when my older brother gets hom off his mission we can get together and do Jazz for wedding receptions or something. Maybe we could even make a CD! The Johnson Brothers present "Beads and a Bare Chest."

Or maybe we could go for something a little more.........................conservative.

Yes...... I guess maybe I should stick with Devon's face for marketing. He's the more photogenic one anywho.