Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Formal, and other lesser frivolities.

SO as my title so accuretly denotes, Winter Formal was last weekend. It was BLAST. I went with the exceedingly, incredibly, awesomely beautiful (I'm pretty sure thats as many adverbs as I need. I'm also pretty sure those are adverbs but I have been wrong before.) Lyndsie Lynkerstorfer I'm sorry I haven't answered you yet its coming I swear.

I must say we make an attractive pair. It was a blast of the ages. I'm so glad that she asked me.

So besides Winter Formal, I have also taken the ACT's. I've never felt so brain strained in my life, but on the upside, there were lots of posters on the walls about Peyote, so now I know what that is, and what it looks like. So that was a plus. haha. Oh yea and before school got out Mrs. Stones passed out the audition packets for Seussical the musical.

I'm really excited for this, its a show that I've wanted to do all my life, so that should be good. Auditions and callbacks are the first three days of school so that should be really interesting. Anyway thats my life, and I can;'t wait for Christmas!