Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well the long awaited post has finally arrived!

I extend my most humble apologies for taking so long to write this blog. I was plagued with many events that have taken my time and consideration and have prevented me from writing this. But alas no more excuses its time to WRITE! Well lets see what has happened since I last wrote. I went to the illustrious Jazz/Mad festival at NAU in flagstaff! We got a superior in our Jazz and a superiour with distinction in our madrigal portion. Basically it means that we got the highest score we could get. It was so much fun!

Say hello to Nick, awesome tenor man, room mate, and cousinface.

Kylie was just a little excited to go.

Our poor little snowman never had a chance. Shortly after he was created he met his demise but we still took a picture with him.

Most kids thought it would be fun to sleep on the way home, but not me. I discovered that if I put my snow gloves on my feet I looked strangley similar to an orangutan, which of course kept me occupied for the duration of the trip.

Then that very night it was our Co-ed dance! I went with the Extremely beautiful, talented, funny, witty, (happy thought.... haha) Katie Wilson. She is so much fun! We had dinner at our house. Yumm I love shishkabobs! We had lots of fun, and mom was wonderful and made the dinner and the table it was so beautiful.

Well as it has been many weeks since I wrote. I was able to participate in All-state choir that was fun. I went to Mt. View's Sadie Hawkins dance. I don't have picture of that but Heidi is amazing nonetheless.
I also turned 17! as such I became the proud owner of a Garden gnome. To those who know this has great significance to me. To those who don't ask me later and I will explain. Anywho... meet Nigel my garden gnome.

This summer I have the wonderful opprotunity to be a lifeguard! Woot me and Marille are gonig to have a great time out in Powell Jr. High. Woot!