Tuesday, July 15, 2008

As summer nears end.

Wow... its almost over, the last summer of my high school career, this is the last summer I'm gonna be a kid. haha. Depressing, exciting, scary, amazing.........ahhhhhh. Don't get me wrong i look forward to furthering my education, going on my mission, getting married and all that, but it is nice to be a kid sometimes. haha. Well this summer has done me a lot of good! I was able to make and save much mula for the mission, which will be great! I also obtained my driver's license. I have discovered a lot about myself! And now I have the sudden desire to yell "WALK PLEASE!" To any child who starts to even jog. haha. I didn't exactly have the quest I wanted, but hey, I didn't really have time to forge a sword and find a motorcycle. Those who know understand, those who don't, are probably giving the computer screen a weird look. Alas I only wsh I could explain, haha. I did learn that according to American standards I am literate, a fact that I am extremely pleased with. (If you want to know check out Maddi's blog and it has the whole deal.) Oh and I also started writing a book, many of you may know of this ambition of mine, and finally i'm really trying to bring it to fruition. You see that picture at the top of my blog? Well it had a lot to do with the inspiration of the story, Plus I just really like that picture. hehe!
Well as long as I'm at it I'll just write about LGO (Lifeguard Olympics) and the funny thing that happened that morning but I'm waiting till I get pictures of that! Anyway LGO was great! So for the synchro routine (each pool has to do a synchro routined.) Anyway so we went and the girls decided that they weren't going to knox their hair but since I was the only guy doing the routine, yea all te otherguys were doing something else or weren't man enough to do it, anyway the girls decided I was going to knox my hair, and the result is...........

and in the famous words of my famous robot friend WALL-E: "TA-DA!"

Yea dangerous, anyway first we had the rescue tube relay, it was really fun except some teams were a little intense as in their entire team had on fast skins! Anyway here was our team :





It was pretty awesome......... even though we didn't win, haha!

Anyway then we started the synchro......


Sorry the pictures are dark, but it was really fun.

Yea I got to work with some really cool people


Kelly, Natalee

Brandon, Tori, Erin

Kelly, Marilee, Natalee

I also got to meet up with my good buddiesfrom LGT and WSI (classes we have to take to become lifeguards and swim instructors.)

This is my good buddy Shaney Lords, I knew that we would probably be friends forever after she grabbed my armpit hair, haha! That sounds really weird but there was a simple explanaiton, she's really shortI'm bending down a lot in that picture, anyway we were practicing rescues and we were working together and she couldn't quite reach around my body so thats where her hand fell! haha.

This is Lauren Pulsipher, I met her the same time I met Shaney, Lauren is an amazing synchro swimmer, she was alsoa good pal!

Anyway and so winds down the summer!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


It finally happened. Yea I didn't believe it either, took me long enough huh. Yea it wasn't easy though, it took me to the last second to finally achieve it. What am I talking about, the power to save the world? the greatest treasure known to man? No, I'm talking about my driver's license. Oh yea, I finally got it.

Oh yea wondering about that scruff on my face? Well I'm reading a book about Robin Hood, Its called "Hood" and its by a guy named Stephen R. Lawhead (I highly recommend it!) Anyway, I decided that I'm gonna be Robin Hood, or Bran as he is called right now.