Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wow Tons Of Fun.

So first I guess I'll start with Homecoming. Well one of my favoritest people in the worl was elected Homecoming queen. Yes It was Rebekah Ellingson. The game was pretty fun. We basically slaughtered Central and it was really fun.

And the Homecoming dance was AMAZING! I got to take the beautiful Calli Anderson. It was so much fun!

She's lots of fun, we're in choir together, and in the same ward, and hopefully we both get to be in the musical together!

K, what happened next oh! The regional swim meet! So last thursday in preparation for the swim meet we had our traditional shaving /pasta party, Where, you guessed it, eat pasta and shave ourselves. I don't know what I was thinking but I got the bright idea that I would shave my armpits. I don't think my stupidity could have reached this low. Its very uncomfortable. But I dropped tons of time the last two days so you know what ever. If I go to state I'm not reshaving them though. Just the rest. Ok I guess that those who know have been waiting for this. Robin Hood


and for the next installation you get to meet my chickens!