Saturday, June 28, 2008

Senior Pics are like Chiropractics

So I went and got my senior pics today. Man you wouldn't believe it some people bring like 15 changes of clothes and then I saw a kid who wasn't even wearing formal atire... that was kinda funny. Anyway they call me in and I go sit on the stool thinking "Great! I'll get in and out in like 10 minutes max. Right?" WRONG. First the lady sits me down and puts this velvet desk under me and tells me to put one fist under my chin. To which I thought "You gotta be kidding me! That pose never looks good on a guy, girls its fine, guys not so much." But she took them anyway. The it proceeded with the "Yearbook shot." This is where it gets like going to the chiropracter. They chiropracter goes and starts pushing places in your back and spine and first it hurts but then you feel better. Well in photo shoots they tell you, bend this way put that shoulder down and tilt your head this way... down... twist... tilt... up ...arm left.... right. Ughh I wouldn't be surpirsed if they started speaking in yoga positions. I was beginning to think, how can this even look normal or good. I feel like I'm hanging off a cliff! But surprisingly the pictures don't look to bad... which is saying something because I'm not a guy you associate with the word "photogenic." You can't tell me to say cheese and have the picture turn out that good. haha.

The lady was a fan of my smirk, when she found out how bad my full smile was.

This one is going on my secret agent photo ID!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weddings I love weddings

So it was Jenny's big day yesterday! She was married to Brent Hill. It was so exciting!

Jen and Brent like to kiss... a lot!

a lot, a lot........... But thats a positive sign!

Jenny prepares to throw the bouquet.

Well little Shelby Taylor got it, so it looks like there is going to be a slight famine of marraiges for the time being. haha.

Explaination as to why the groom is bending over. Brent is really tall! so yea, work the rest out yourself. haha.

Brent's bro John got the garter, he was really excited about it.

I think my dad was a little sad, this was his first daughter to really go. So he hugged my sister for a long time.... haha.

It was lovely, lovely day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Weddings I LOVE weddings, drinks all around

Yes thats right, my family is having another wedding! My beautiful lovely favoritest older sister is getting married, to the exceedingly tall Brent Hill Next saturday, in the Mesa Arizona temple for time and all eternity! Brent is a nice guy and makes my sister so happy, so its gonna be fun!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Ruffles have Ridges

So my mom took on the daunting task of giving our poor shaggy dog Zane a haircut.

I know he's a beautiful doggy right? But yea, its hard to shave a dog who really doesn't want to hold still. So he is now.

Its a good thing he isn't vain, or I wouldn't be able to take him on walks anymore! As you may notice he has several ridges where the shaver comb was, so now we have opted to call him, Ruffles, because ruffles have ridges!