Saturday, October 11, 2008

She said Yes

So the other day I decided to ask Calli Anderson to the homecoming dance. I got her a stuffed animal dog, wrote the letters of my name on dog biscuts and wrote a sign that says "I'd be happy as a puppy if you went to Homecoming with me!"

Days went by and though I knew she'd gotten the message I'd still not recieved a sure answer. I even dropped some subtle hints about it at the football game last night such as "Hey, I don't know if I'm going to homecoming because I haven't got an answer yet." And other such discreet comments. Well I must say Calli outdid herself on the answer. I'm still trying to contemplate how she accomplished this great feat.

I had trouble trying to get this picture, you might be able to read it, please notice the remarkable legibility, for if you don't know Zane I must tell you he never stops moving.

Alisa bless her heart is trying to help me as much as she can.

And finally SUCCESS!

I am truly impressed that Calli got that on Zane, and really really excited to go to the dance with her!