Saturday, October 11, 2008

She said Yes

So the other day I decided to ask Calli Anderson to the homecoming dance. I got her a stuffed animal dog, wrote the letters of my name on dog biscuts and wrote a sign that says "I'd be happy as a puppy if you went to Homecoming with me!"

Days went by and though I knew she'd gotten the message I'd still not recieved a sure answer. I even dropped some subtle hints about it at the football game last night such as "Hey, I don't know if I'm going to homecoming because I haven't got an answer yet." And other such discreet comments. Well I must say Calli outdid herself on the answer. I'm still trying to contemplate how she accomplished this great feat.

I had trouble trying to get this picture, you might be able to read it, please notice the remarkable legibility, for if you don't know Zane I must tell you he never stops moving.

Alisa bless her heart is trying to help me as much as she can.

And finally SUCCESS!

I am truly impressed that Calli got that on Zane, and really really excited to go to the dance with her!


Calliandra said...

hahahah! YEAH!! Im so happy you enjoyed it! So i figured since you asked me with doggy treats that I HAD to answer in a dog-ish way! So to answer your contemplating question it took your mom and maddi to nail him to the ground and then a steady hand from me to do it! It was an adventure but i loved it! Cant wait for homecoming marcus! :]

Marilee said...

HAHAHA!!! THATS MY GIRL!!! Very good choice for the date marc!! you do realize that i get a pic. Oh by the way dont forget to order your flower!!! Love ya boy

Maddi Anne said...

I helped create this idea thank you very much...jk

This answer job is probably first on my list of favorite ways to answer to dances. It was so funny trying to keep Zane still with Mama Johonson, even with Mom's coaxing him to calm down. haha The hairspray was tickling him I think. Thank you for asking so I could be apart of the answering. ;)

bryce said...

they spraypainted your dog??