Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So I guess I'm an adult now... legally anyway

Like the title implies, I've turned 18. Now I'm "legal", and not just "legal" in the sense like when your sixteen and you can date, and drive. Well I guess I am legal in part of that sense. I can buy dry ice, and vote, and hold puppies in the mall. Now I'm supposed to start worrying about the future. It sounds so ominous " the FUTURE" Like this day begins the rest of your life. It's rather frightening to me, this idea of the easiest part of my life ending (technically that doesn't end until may 22, thats graduation.) But still I'm really starting to think about my college, and my mission and ...LIFE! I mean I always knew it was coming, but now its coming! I started to get a little nervous and have the "Peter Pan" Syndrome. The colossal desire to "always be a boy and have fun." Luckily I watched the disney version of Peter Pan (the new one)
In the movie at the end Peter gives one line that gives resolution to the entire movie he says
" To live would be an awfully big adventure." And thats the truth. That line had never hit me that hard until a few days ago, so now looking ahead I'm excited for the road and the adventure ahead of me!


Linda and Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday again my friend Marc. I know how you feel about the whole growing up and moving on thing. Honestly, I am so scared to "grow up". I worry about how the decisions I am making right now have a huge influence on how the rest of my life will be. But I find that now is the time that I can really put my trust in the Lord and go forward with faith. The future seems so much brighter when I know I can rely on the gospel. Well, sorry about the random testimonial. Thanks for being such a constant friend, and happy birthday!

Katie Wilson said...

yayyyyy congrats on your birthday! And adulthood! And never being able to relate to peter pan but i do like that quote--it's deep. I'll end this comment with...a comment...Let's chat sometime, eh?

Bren + Lucy said...

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